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N E L L C O L a w L i b r a r y C on s o r t i u m COLLABORATE V A L U E COMMUNICATE INNOVATE EDUCATE It all adds up. A s I begin my 2-year term as NELLCO President I am excited at what lies ahead for us Legal education and information are transforming before our eyes and law libraries must respond in new ways. Through the power of collaboration NELLCO members are able to minimize duplication of effort across libraries and devote more time and money to serving the unique needs of their own communities. Over the past two years the Board of Directors focused on planning for the future of collaboration among member libraries. Using a process called scenario planning we established these six areas of strategic focus for NELLCO in the coming years Find Common Ground Provide Training Incubate Innovation Broker Expertise Expand Service Broaden Collaboration These will serve as our guideposts during my presidency and beyond. NELLCO members already collaborate on projects and programs in each of these areas many of which you will read about in this report. We welcome your participation in these endeavors and look forward to continuing to serve our members A L E TT E R F R O M O UR P R E SI D E N T Sarah Hooke Lee President of NELLCO Associate Dean for Research and Information Services Northeastern University School of Law N ELLCO is an international consortium of law libraries. By working together through this unique consortium our member libraries are able to achieve much more than they could independently. Over the course of our 30-plus-year history NELLCO has proven its value to members in four vital realms collaboration communication innovation and education. NELLCO member libraries collaborate to make the most of their fixed resources communicate It all adds up. effectively using the most up-to-date technologies innovate by undertaking cutting edge projects and programs and educate our members by helping them to discover and disseminate new ideas. From our origins as a regional cooperative network of just 15 New England law libraries NELLCO now has more than 120 member libraries across the United States as well as in Australia Canada and the United Kingdom. A nimble dynamic member-driven organization the NELLCO whole adds up to much more than the sum of our parts. Whats in Our Name NELLCOs value to members has increased exponentially as weve grown from a regional to an international consortium. The NELLCO nameoriginally New England Law Library Consortium Inc.has been an ongoing subject of discussion for some time. In the mid-2000s the Board of Directors approved a subtle name change adopting NELLCO as the consor- tiums doing business as DBA name. In 2014 following a series of member sur- veys the NELLCO Board of Directors unanimously approved a formal legal name changefrom New England Law Library Consortium Inc. to NELLCO Law Library Consortium Inc. Our new name retains the acronym upon which our reputation was built while relinquishing the regional identification that threatens to limit our current scope and identity. The Whole is Greater NELLC 1 C O L L AB O RAT E Collaboration is NELLCOs raison detre. Its at the heart of everything we do. NELLCO libraries collaborate to maximize resources and support the missions of our institutions. Were at the front lines of collaboration between and among law libraries. N ELLCO was established to help member libraries save money through resource sharing and collaboration. In the early days cost avoidance came in large part through reciprocal interlibrary loan agreements. Those agreements remain in effect today but the technology and electronic information boom of the last 20 years has created new opportunities for library collaboration. Group acquisitions on behalf of member libraries are a significant piece of consortium work today. Aggregating buyers allows us to negotiate the best possible prices on information resources and other library-related goods and services. But the value of collaborative acquisitions goes beyond the negotiated discounts. Savings also come from efficiencies related to human resources. An enormous amount of staff time is saved for both consortium members and information providers publishers and vendors by centralizing the work establishing a trial negotiating price negotiating license terms and conditions billing and renewals and creating a single point of contact at the consortium level. NELLCO members collaborate beyond the group purchasing function to realize even greater benefits. We are constantly scanning the horizon and our members are keenly attuned to activities and technologies that are ripe for collaboration. All of the projects that NELLCO undertakes create opportunities for members to realize NELLCOs core mission of collaboration. Buying power and beyond. 2 NELLCO is collaboration. Law librarians have always worked together to improve access to legal information and NELLCOs accomplishments demonstrate how we can achieve so much more through our collective efforts than we can working individually. Paul M. George Associate Dean and Director of Biddle Law Library University of Pennsylvania Law School Philadelphia PA NEW YORK March 19 2014 The New York Times and NELLCO an international consortium of academic and government law libraries have come together to offer unlimited digital access to to law schools around the country including Harvard Law School University of Pennsylvania Law School Yale Law School American Universitys Washington College of Law and The Brigham Young Universitys Law School. In what is The New York Timess largest education digital access agreement to date all 110 U.S.- based academic NELLCO members have an opportunity to provide unlimited access to the entire student body faculty and administrators on campus at the NELLCO group rate. Participants will receive their own personal log-in granting them one year of access to New York Times content on the web and across smartphone apps which include The Timess core news apps on iPhone Android Windows Phone and BlackBerry10. This collaboration with NELLCO marks a major milestone for The New York Times as we continue to expand our digital offerings to individuals at an organizational level said Yasmin Namini chief consumer officer The New York Times. Access to The Timess world-class journalism on our expanding digital platforms provides the participating students and faculty with the insight and analysis they need to enrich their curricula and overall learning experience. NELLCO is thrilled to be working with The New York Times to make affordable digital access available to law schools across the country. This is a win not only for NELLCO member institutions but also for members of the Mid-America Law Library Consortium MALLCO said Tracy L. Thompson executive director New England Law Library Consortium NELLCO. Together NELLCO and MALLCO represent more than half of the law schools in the U.S. The New York Times remains an important resource for our students faculty and staff and we are proud to be part of the effort to connect the next generation of readers to the next generation of The New York Times. Yale Law School Among Participating NELLCO Consortium Members to Offer Unlimited Digital Access to Web Smart Phone Apps THEN Early collaborations were focused on reciprocal resource sharing and access agreements. NOW Those early efforts built a foundation of trust that allows todays members to collaborate on many fronts. 3 PRESS RELEASE t h en N o w C O m m u n i cAT E Information overload has made communication a double-edged sword. NELLCO works diligently to curate information and deliver it to members and stakeholders efficiently. Interest Groups O ne way NELLCO members communicate with one another is through their participation in NELLCO Interest Groups. There are four primary Interest Groups loosely aligned with typical library infrastructures Acquisitions and Collection Development Reference Interlibrary Loan and Informational Technology. Library staff members at NELLCO institutions self- identify and are free to participate in any or all of these groups as their needs and interests dictate. All of the groups have the opportunity to meet face-to- face at least once each year at the Annual NELLCO Symposium. Technology Between symposia NELLCO facilitates communication between and among members by using communication and collaboration technology solutions. Web-based meeting software Webex is available to members to support their online meeting and learning needs. NELLCOs website supports social media functionality and integrates with Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Youtube and most other social networks to make sign on and updates simple. Members can also use the NELLCO website interface to chat in real time email or message members or groups and participate in blogs or forums. Communication leads to community and only through community can collaboration happen. Communicate Value NELLCO establishes strong partnerships with a variety of legal information vendors and publishers. We convey the value of working through a consortium to save time and money. The list to the right shows just a few of our industry partners. Collaboration requires communication. 4 THEN NELLCO began in the pre-email days. Communication meant phone calls and letters. NOW Communication is ubiquitous and NELLCO embraces social media. As a NELLCO member I benefit from the ability to communicate with a broad spectrum of law libraries. As such we collaborate to work on projects of mutual interest to achieve cost savings andor quality products to utilize in serving our diverse patron communities. Darcy Kirk Associate Dean for Library and Technology and Professor of Law University of Connecticut School of Law Hartford CT 5 Connect with us on the Web at Twitter NELLCOinc under the topic Library Collaboration as The NELLCO Weekly Twitter Roundup Wed love to hear from you E-mail for more information. ALM Legal Intelligence East View Information Services EBSCO Fastcase Leadership Directories Inc. Oxford University Press ProQuest SCC Online The New York Times TradeLawGuide NELLCOs Communication Vehicles Examples of Our Vendor Relationships t h en N o w 6 1983 1985 1987 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 1983 15 law library directors in the New England region incorporate in MA as the New England Law Library Consortium Inc. goal was to address rising costs through resource sharing and collaboration 1983 Harvard Law Library Reference Librarian Joan Duckett appointed as founding part-time Executive Director in Cambridge MA 1985 Martha Berglund Crane assumes part-time Executive Director role evolves into full-time 1987 NELLCO members embark on CD-ROM Union Catalog Project 1988 NELLCO receives IRS determination 501c3 tax exempt status granted 1988 NELLCO receives U.S. Department of Education grant funding for CD-ROM Union Catalog Project 1990 NELLCO Union Catalog on CD-ROM is offered for sale 1995 Diane Klaiber hired as full-time Executive Director 1997 Connecticut State Library joins NELLCO 1997 Resource Sharing Database Project launched 1999 Distinguished libraries join NELLCO Fordham NYU Columbia Cornell and U Penn 1999 NELLCO Resource Sharing Database wins AALL Excellence in Marketing Award Best Use of Technology 2001 Tracy L. Thompson appointed to Executive Director position as Diane Klaiber retires NELLCO moves to New Haven CT N E L L C O T h en t o N o w 7 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 2015 2002 NELLCO launches Library LAWLINE Virtual Reference Service 2003 Library LAWLINE wins Virtual Reference Desk Exemplary Service Award 2003 Affiliate Membership category is opened for ABA-accredited law school libraries in the U.S. Full Members become the de facto Board of Directors of the corporation 2004 NELLCO launches Internships and Exchanges Clearinghouse 2005 Part-time support position is developed 2006 International Affiliate Membership Category is opened for non-U.S. academic law libraries 2007 NELLCO secures Institute of Museum and Library Services Grant in excess of 350000 to develop the Universal Search Solution Discovery Tool 2007 Support staff position increased to full-time 2009 NELLCO moves to Albany NY 2010 NELLCO and Legal Information Preservation Alliance LIPA begin exploring print preservation collaboration 2012 NELLCO hosts first Annual Symposium in Albany 2013 NELLCO and LIPA launch three-year print preservation pilot PALMPrint Preserving Americas Legal Materials in Print 2014 NELLCO negotiates Academic Site License agreement with NY Times 2015 NELLCO Symposium moves to Boston MA I N N O V AT E NELLCO members share the risks and rewards of implementing innovative ideas. We dont stand still and wait for change to move us. Were change leaders in the law library community. T he importance of the law to the human endeavor to a civil society and to democratic principles makes legal texts ... among the most important examples of what needs to be preserved ... Nothing less than transmission of the permanent accurate record of legal knowledge to future generations is at stake. Margaret K. Maes Executive Director Legal Information Preservation Alliance 2011 PALMPrintPreserving Americas Legal Materials in Printis an exciting collaborative pilot project aimed at developing a shared circulating collection of primary U.S. legal materials in print form. Working with the Legal Information Preservation Alliance LIPA the two organizations have jointly committed to underwrite 120000 of the total cost of the three-year project. The remaining costs are shared by the more than 60 participating law library members from the two organizations. Our project partner W.B. Meyer Inc. a library moving and storage expert houses the collection in their Windsor CT high-density storage facility. NELLCO and LIPA are delighted to support this project and hope it will serve as a model for a collaborative solution to print retention allowing libraries to make better decisions about the use of library space and resources at the local level. In this way libraries can continue to be responsive to the changing needs of their users secure in the knowledge that primary print materials are within reach and under the stewardship of the collaborative. Preservation as innovation. 8 The PALMPrint Process l to r Pulling print legal texts at Quinnipiac Law Library for shipment to Meyers climate- controlled high density storage facility. THEN In the early days NELLCO innovations included reciprocal interlibrary loans and securing grants for library fax machines. NOW Through PALMPrint were exploring innovative ways to preserve print materials while embracing the shift to digital technologies. NELLCO provides support which I truly consider to be invaluable. As a law library director committed to providing excellent services for faculty and students I can count on NELLCO not only to negotiate the best terms for e-resource subscriptions but also to provide a forum for creative and collaborative resource sharing and innovation. FEMI CADMUS Edward Cornell Law Librarian Associate Dean for Library Services Senior Lecturer in Law Cornell University School of Law Ithaca NY 9 Some of our past innovative projects include Union Catalog Resource Sharing Database LAWLINE Virtual Reference Service NELLCO Legal Scholarship Repository Universal Search Solution You can learn more about these and other efforts by visiting our website at NELLCOs History of Innovation t h en N o w 10 E d u c a t e Education is a NELLCO core value. Were a community of educators and lifelong learners. NELLCO thrives on the robust exchange of information and ideas among our own members and with those outside of the consortium. We come together in many ways to share our knowledge and learn from one another. I learned more here in two days than I have at three separate industry conferences AMAZING Attendee at 2014 Symposium From survey Gathering to learn. I n 2012 NELLCO held its first Annual Symposium in Albany NY. The Symposium is a two-day meeting created by and for member law librarians. It provides a venue for true exchange and collaboration as well as hands-on skill building. The goal of the Symposium is twofold to provide professional development and continuing education opportunities and to create a centralized annual gathering for all NELLCO Interest Groups Acquisitions Interlibrary Loan IT and Reference. Each of the NELLCO Interest Groups has a half-day on the Symposium agenda to share with and learn from their colleagues and to explore and expand upon existing collaborations. Holding Interest Group meetings during the Symposium allows attendees to participate in more than one Interest Group without having to attend multiple meetings throughout the year. The NELLCO Symposium also offers opportunities for NELLCO product and service providers to connect with NELLCO members. NELLCO vendors can exhibit in a small conference environment and have meaningful interactions with current and potential customers. In 2015 the NELLCO Symposium will move to Boston. Please plan to join us at the Social Law Library on March 19 and 20. Visit the NELLCO website www. for more information. THEN Continuing education and professional development were fixed by place and time. NOW Members learn and teach continuously using synchronous and asynchronous virtual and face-to-face formats as appropriate. The NELLCO Symposium provides excellent opportunities for exchanging ideas that help our libraries succeed even in challenging times. Whether meeting with the interest groups or having an informal chat not only do I get to share what works for us but I also learn how to get things done more efficiently effectively and saving money. At the last symposium I learned about a time management tool a new way of thinking about work new methods for faculty outreach new marketing ideas and how other schools are teaching Advanced Legal Research. A lot of good information learned over a two day meeting Raquel M. Ortiz Assistant Dean for Library and Information Services Associate Professor of Law Roger Williams University School of Law Bristol RI 11 We support continuing education and professional development in many ways including NELLCO Symposium Grant writing workshops Fellows Program Free access to Informed Librarian Online Free access to Internet Guide for the Legal Researcher Do you want to know more Call us anytime at 518-694-3025 or e-mail NELLCO Members Teach and Learn t h en N o w t h en N o w Albany Law School Albany New York Boston College Law Newton Massachusetts Boston University Law Boston Massachusetts Columbia University Law New York New York University of Connecticut Law School Hartford Connecticut Connecticut Judicial Branch Library System Hartford Connecticut Cornell Law Ithaca New York Fordham University School of Law New York New York Harvard Law School Cambridge Massachusetts University of Maine School of Law Portland Maine Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries Boston Massachusetts New England Law Boston Boston Massachusetts University of New Hampshire School of Law Concord New Hampshire New York University School of Law New York New York Northeastern School of Law Boston Massachusetts University of Pennsylvania Law Philadelphia Pennsylvania Quinnipiac University School of Law Hamden Connecticut Rhode Island State Law Library Providence Rhode Island Roger Williams University School of Law Bristol Rhode Island Suffolk University Law Boston Massachusetts Social Law Library Boston Massachusetts Vermont Law School South Royalton Vermont Western New England University School of Law Springfield Massachusetts Yale Law School New Haven Connecticut American University Washington DC Barry University Law School Orlando Florida Baylor Law Waco Texas Belmont University College of Law Nashville Tennessee Brigham Young University Law Provo Utah Brooklyn Law School Brooklyn New York California Western School of Law San Diego California Campbell University School of Law Raleigh North Carolina Case Western Reserve School of Law Cleveland Ohio Catholic University of America Washington DC Chapman University Law Orange California Charleston College of Law Charleston South Carolina Charlotte School of Law Charlotte North Carolina Chicago Kent Chicago Illinois College of William Mary Law Williamsburg Virginia Cook County Law Library Chicago Illinois Drexel University School of Law Philadelphia Pennsylvania Duke Law School Durham North Carolina Duquesne University Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Elon University School of Law Greensboro North Carolina Emory University School of Law Atlanta Georgia Florida AM University College of Law Orlando Florida Florida International University Miami Florida George Washington University Washington DC Georgetown Law Washington DC Georgia State University Atlanta Georgia Gonzaga University School of Law Spokane Washington Hofstra University Law Hempstead New York John Marshall Law School Chicago Chicago Illinois Lincoln Memorial University School of Law Harrogate Tennessee Louisiana State University Law Baton Rouge Louisiana Loyola Law School Los Angeles Los Angeles California Loyola University Chicago Law Chicago Illinois New York Law School New York New York N E L L C O Me m b e r s h i p 12 FULL MEMBERS Board of Directors AFFILIATE MEMBERS THEN A regional cooperative network with 15 members across New England. NOW An international organization with over 120 member libraries across the United States in Australia Canada and the United Kingdom. Northwestern University Law Chicago Illinois Nova Southeastern University Law Davie Florida Pace University School of Law White Plains New York Pennsylvania State School of Law Carlisle Pennsylvania Pepperdine University Law School Malibu California Rutgers University Law Newark New Jersey Santa Clara University Law Santa Clara California Seattle University Law Seattle Washington Seton Hall Law Newark New Jersey Southern Methodist Law Dallas Texas Southwestern Law School Los Angeles California St. Johns University Law Jamaica New York St. Thomas FL Miami Gardens Florida State University of New York at Buffalo Buffalo New York Stetson University College of Law Gulfport Florida Syracuse Law School Syracuse New York Texas AM University Law Fort Worth Texas Texas Tech University Law Lubbock Texas Thomas M Cooley Law School Lansing Michigan Touro Law Center Central Islip New York UCLA Law Los Angeles California University of California Hastings San Francisco California University of California Berkeley Berkeley California University of California Irvine Irvine California University of Chicago Law Chicago Illinois University of Colorado Law Boulder Colorado University of Denver Law Denver Colorado University of Georgia Law Athens Georgia University of Hawaii School of Law Honolulu Hawaii University of Idaho Law Moscow Idaho University of Illinois Law Champaign Illinois University of La Verne Law Ontario California University of Maryland Law Baltimore Maryland University of Massachusetts Law Dartmouth Massachusetts University of Miami Law Coral Gables Florida University of Michigan Law School Ann Arbor Michigan 13 University of Minnesota Law Minneapolis Minnesota University of Notre Dame Law Notre Dame Indiana University of Oregon Law Eugene Oregon University of the Pacific School of Law Sacramento California University of Pittsburgh Barco Law Pittsburgh Pennsylvania University of San Francisco Law San Francisco California University of South Carolina Law Columbia South Carolina University of Southern California Law Los Angeles California University of St. Thomas School of Law Minneapolis Minnesota University of Tennessee College of Law Knoxville Tennessee Vanderbilt University Law School Nashville Tennessee Villanova Law Villanova Pennsylvania Wake Forest University Law Winston-Salem North Carolina Whittier Law School Costa Mesa California Widener Law Wilmington Delaware Willamette University College of Law Salem Oregon Yeshiva University School of Law New York New York University of British Columbia Law Vancouver British Columbia Canada Cambridge University Law Cambridge United Kingdom Dalhousie University Law Halifax Nova Scotia Canada Institute of Advanced Legal Studies London United Kingdom University of Melbourne Law Melbourne Victoria Australia University of Ottawa Law Ottawa Ontario Canada University of Oxford Bodleian Law Library Oxford United Kingdom Supreme Court of Canada Law Library Ottawa Ontario Canada University of Victoria Law Victoria British Columbia Canada York University Osgoode Hall Law School Toronto Ontario Canada INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATES N E L L C O Bo a r d of D i r ec t o r s Northeastern University School of Law Sarah Hooke Lee Associate Dean for Information and Research Services M.L.S. University of Maine 1976 J.D. University of Maine 1982 Roger Williams University School of Law Raquel M. Ortiz Assistant Dean for Library Information ServicesAssociate Professor of Law M.S.L.S. Simmons College 1991 J.D. Suffolk University 1998 University of Pennsylvania Law School Paul M. George Associate Dean for Curriculum Development and Biddle Law Library University of Pennsylvania Law School L.I.S. University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science 1985 J.D. Duke University School of Law 1977 University of Connecticut School of Law Darcy Kirk Associate Dean for Library and Technology and Professor of Law M.L.S. Simmons College 1973 J.D. Boston College 1989 Albany Law School Colleen E. Smith Interim Library Director and Head of Technical Services M.L.S. University at Albany 1996 Boston College Law Filippa Marullo Anzalone Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Library Technology Services Boston College Law School M.L.S. Simmons College Graduate School of Library Information Science 1977 J.D. Suffolk University Law School 1985 Boston University School of Law Marlene H. Alderman Director of the Law Library and Associate Professor of Law and Legal Research Boston University School of Law M.L.S. University of Maryland College of Library Information Services J.D. George Washington University Law School Columbia Law School Kent McKeever Director Diamond Law Library Columbia Law School M.L.S. Louisiana State University 1980 J.D. Louisiana State University 1980 14 NELLCO OFFICERS President Vice President Past President Treasurer Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries Ann H. Doherty Deputy Director Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Library Services M.L.S. Southern Connecticut State University 1974 Cornell University School of Law Femi Cadmus Edward Cornell Law Librarian Associate Dean for Library Services Senior Lecturer in Law LL.B. University of Jos Nigeria B.L. Nigerian Law School LL.M. Law in Development University of Warwick England M.L.I.S. University of Oklahoma Fordham University School of Law Robert J. Nissenbaum Professor of Law and Director of the Law Library M.L.S. Pratt Institute 1976 J.D. Western New England University 1980 Harvard Law School Suzanne L. Wones Executive Director M.S.I. University of Michigan 2000 University of Maine School of Law Christine I. Hepler Law Library Director M.L.I.S. San Jose State University 2000 J.D. University of Maine School of Law 1996 Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries Meg Hayden Electronic Resources Librarian Acting Director M.L.S. Simmons College 1986 New England Law Boston Anne Acton Professor of Law and Director of the Law Library M.L.S. Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science 1974 J.D. New England Law Boston 1980 University of New Hampshire School of Law Susan Drisko Zago Director of the Law Library Assistant Professor of Law M.L.S. Simmons College 1995 J.D. Western New England College School of Law 2001 15 con t i n u ed 16 NYU Law School Radu Popa Assistant Dean for Library Services Director of the Law Library Lecturer in Law M.L.S. Columbia University 1989 Quinnipiac University School of Law Ann DeVeaux Director of the Law Library J.D. University of Bridgeport School of Law 1980 M.L.S. Southern Connecticut State University 1983 Rhode Island State Law Library Vacant Suffolk University School of Law Ronald Wheeler Director of the Law Library and Information Resources M.L.S. Wayne State University 2001 J.D. University of Michigan Law School 1990 Social Law Library Robert Brink Executive Director J.D. Northeastern University School of Law 1983 Vermont Law School Cynthia Lewis Library Director Assistant Professor of Law M.S.L.I.S. Simmons College 1991 J.D. Franklin Pierce Law Center 2001 Western New England University School of Law Pat Newcombe Associate Dean for Library Information Resources L.I.S. Pratt Institute 1984 J.D. Western New England University School of Law 2001 Yale Law School S. Blair Kauffman Law Librarian and Professor of Law M.L.L. University of Washington 1977 LL.M. University of Missouri 1976 J.D. University of Missouri 1975 N E L L C O Bo a r d of D i r ec t o r s con t i n u ed NELLCO Staff Theresa M. McCue Administrative and Member Support Manager 518-694-3025 Tracy L. Thompson Executive Director 518-694-3026 New England Law Library Consortium Statement of Financial Position PRE-AUDIT Jun 30 2014 Jun 30 2013 Change ASSETS Current Assets CheckingSavings Operations Checking 24555 20191 4364 Savings 637378 590407 46971 Certificates of Deposit 55844 55644 200 Petty Cash 100 100 0 PayPal 0 0 0 Total CheckingSavings 717877 666342 51535 Accounts Receivable 118172 171911 53739 Prepaid Expenses 100604 106705 6101 Security Deposits 561 561 0 Total Current Assets 937214 945519 8305 Fixed Assets Equipment 11046 10539 507 Furniture Fixtures 2656 2656 0 Accumulated Depreciation 11018 11018 0 Total Fixed Assets 2684 2177 507 TOTAL ASSETS 939898 947696 7798 LIABILITIES EQUITY Liabilities Current Liabilities Accounts Payable 173150 219761 46611 Credit Cards Payable 8298 4073 4225 Prepayments from Members 148705 175813 27108 Accrued Expenses 7531 6256 1275 Retirement Payable 45 46 1 Total Current Liabilities 337729 405949 68220 Total Liabilities 337729 405949 68220 Equity Members Equity 386455 361142 25313 PalmPrint Equity 215714 180605 35109 Total Equity 602169 541747 60422 TOTAL LIABILITIES EQUITY 939898 947696 7798 F i n a nc i a l Sn a p s h o t TANGIBLE BENEFITS Free resources for members Subscription to The Slice the monthly NELLCO Newsletter delivered to your inboxLI NELLCO Weekly Roundup current awareness bulletinLI Subscription to Informed Librarian Online ILOLI Subscription to Full-Text Sources Online FSOL Subscription to Mobile Apps for LawL Access to 70 LIS ebook collectionLI Discounts available to members E-resourcesL NELLCO licenses 60 e-resources Print materials through YBPL Streaming video for the classroom through Digital CampusL Professional development programsLI Continuing education opportunitiesLI Library supplies goods and servicesL Bucksmith Demco Gaylord Bros. Highsmith Knowledge Imaging Centers KIC Library Advantage Other goods and servicesLI Grant writing and grants management workshop discounts Discounts on Princeton Review Test Prep and Tutoring Super Shuttle and Execucar discounts Discounts on other organizations conferences and events e.g. Charleston Conference Other Eligibility for participation in PALMPrintthe NELLCOLIPA shared print projectLI Access to advocacy materials developed in collaboration with LIPA for law librariansLI Access to the NELLCO Buyers Guide Access to NELLCOs Career Center Free access to listingsLI Free posting of your curriculum vitaeLI Discounted job postingsL INTANGIBLE BENEFITS Distributed risk and cost of innovationL Labor savings related to negotiation of discountsL Labor savings related to negotiation of licensing terms and conditionsL Excellent customer serviceLI Access to centralized e-resource trialsL Access to members-only section of websiteLI Favorable and flexible billing termsL Invitation to NELLCOs members- only Annual SymposiumLI Networking and leadership opportunitiesLI Participation in Interest GroupsL Searchable directory of membersLI Law Library Buyers Guide Access to communication tools wikis blogs lists etc.LI Opportunities for deep collaborationL Key L Library members includes full affiliate and international affiliate I Individual members What do I get for my money The Whole is Greater NELLC 80 New Scotland Avenue Suite L206 Albany NY 12208 518-694-3025 FAX 518-694-3027 Me m b e r Benef i t s Membership in NELLCO helps law libraries collaborate to maximize their resources. The following is a snapshot of the benefits of member- ship. Please note this changes regularly as we strive to provide relevant added value for our members.