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I N N O V AT E NELLCO members share the risks and rewards of implementing innovative ideas. We dont stand still and wait for change to move us. Were change leaders in the law library community. T he importance of the law to the human endeavor to a civil society and to democratic principles makes legal texts ... among the most important examples of what needs to be preserved ... Nothing less than transmission of the permanent accurate record of legal knowledge to future generations is at stake. Margaret K. Maes Executive Director Legal Information Preservation Alliance 2011 PALMPrintPreserving Americas Legal Materials in Printis an exciting collaborative pilot project aimed at developing a shared circulating collection of primary U.S. legal materials in print form. Working with the Legal Information Preservation Alliance LIPA the two organizations have jointly committed to underwrite 120000 of the total cost of the three-year project. The remaining costs are shared by the more than 60 participating law library members from the two organizations. Our project partner W.B. Meyer Inc. a library moving and storage expert houses the collection in their Windsor CT high-density storage facility. NELLCO and LIPA are delighted to support this project and hope it will serve as a model for a collaborative solution to print retention allowing libraries to make better decisions about the use of library space and resources at the local level. In this way libraries can continue to be responsive to the changing needs of their users secure in the knowledge that primary print materials are within reach and under the stewardship of the collaborative. Preservation as innovation. 8 The PALMPrint Process l to r Pulling print legal texts at Quinnipiac Law Library for shipment to Meyers climate- controlled high density storage facility.