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THEN In the early days NELLCO innovations included reciprocal interlibrary loans and securing grants for library fax machines. NOW Through PALMPrint were exploring innovative ways to preserve print materials while embracing the shift to digital technologies. NELLCO provides support which I truly consider to be invaluable. As a law library director committed to providing excellent services for faculty and students I can count on NELLCO not only to negotiate the best terms for e-resource subscriptions but also to provide a forum for creative and collaborative resource sharing and innovation. FEMI CADMUS Edward Cornell Law Librarian Associate Dean for Library Services Senior Lecturer in Law Cornell University School of Law Ithaca NY 9 Some of our past innovative projects include Union Catalog Resource Sharing Database LAWLINE Virtual Reference Service NELLCO Legal Scholarship Repository Universal Search Solution You can learn more about these and other efforts by visiting our website at NELLCOs History of Innovation t h en N o w