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A s I begin my 2-year term as NELLCO President I am excited at what lies ahead for us Legal education and information are transforming before our eyes and law libraries must respond in new ways. Through the power of collaboration NELLCO members are able to minimize duplication of effort across libraries and devote more time and money to serving the unique needs of their own communities. Over the past two years the Board of Directors focused on planning for the future of collaboration among member libraries. Using a process called scenario planning we established these six areas of strategic focus for NELLCO in the coming years Find Common Ground Provide Training Incubate Innovation Broker Expertise Expand Service Broaden Collaboration These will serve as our guideposts during my presidency and beyond. NELLCO members already collaborate on projects and programs in each of these areas many of which you will read about in this report. We welcome your participation in these endeavors and look forward to continuing to serve our members A L E TT E R F R O M O UR P R E SI D E N T Sarah Hooke Lee President of NELLCO Associate Dean for Research and Information Services Northeastern University School of Law