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N ELLCO is an international consortium of law libraries. By working together through this unique consortium our member libraries are able to achieve much more than they could independently. Over the course of our 30-plus-year history NELLCO has proven its value to members in four vital realms collaboration communication innovation and education. NELLCO member libraries collaborate to make the most of their fixed resources communicate It all adds up. effectively using the most up-to-date technologies innovate by undertaking cutting edge projects and programs and educate our members by helping them to discover and disseminate new ideas. From our origins as a regional cooperative network of just 15 New England law libraries NELLCO now has more than 120 member libraries across the United States as well as in Australia Canada and the United Kingdom. A nimble dynamic member-driven organization the NELLCO whole adds up to much more than the sum of our parts. Whats in Our Name NELLCOs value to members has increased exponentially as weve grown from a regional to an international consortium. The NELLCO nameoriginally New England Law Library Consortium Inc.has been an ongoing subject of discussion for some time. In the mid-2000s the Board of Directors approved a subtle name change adopting NELLCO as the consor- tiums doing business as DBA name. In 2014 following a series of member sur- veys the NELLCO Board of Directors unanimously approved a formal legal name changefrom New England Law Library Consortium Inc. to NELLCO Law Library Consortium Inc. Our new name retains the acronym upon which our reputation was built while relinquishing the regional identification that threatens to limit our current scope and identity. The Whole is Greater NELLC 1