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C O L L AB O RAT E Collaboration is NELLCOs raison detre. Its at the heart of everything we do. NELLCO libraries collaborate to maximize resources and support the missions of our institutions. Were at the front lines of collaboration between and among law libraries. N ELLCO was established to help member libraries save money through resource sharing and collaboration. In the early days cost avoidance came in large part through reciprocal interlibrary loan agreements. Those agreements remain in effect today but the technology and electronic information boom of the last 20 years has created new opportunities for library collaboration. Group acquisitions on behalf of member libraries are a significant piece of consortium work today. Aggregating buyers allows us to negotiate the best possible prices on information resources and other library-related goods and services. But the value of collaborative acquisitions goes beyond the negotiated discounts. Savings also come from efficiencies related to human resources. An enormous amount of staff time is saved for both consortium members and information providers publishers and vendors by centralizing the work establishing a trial negotiating price negotiating license terms and conditions billing and renewals and creating a single point of contact at the consortium level. NELLCO members collaborate beyond the group purchasing function to realize even greater benefits. We are constantly scanning the horizon and our members are keenly attuned to activities and technologies that are ripe for collaboration. All of the projects that NELLCO undertakes create opportunities for members to realize NELLCOs core mission of collaboration. Buying power and beyond. 2