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C O m m u n i cAT E Information overload has made communication a double-edged sword. NELLCO works diligently to curate information and deliver it to members and stakeholders efficiently. Interest Groups O ne way NELLCO members communicate with one another is through their participation in NELLCO Interest Groups. There are four primary Interest Groups loosely aligned with typical library infrastructures Acquisitions and Collection Development Reference Interlibrary Loan and Informational Technology. Library staff members at NELLCO institutions self- identify and are free to participate in any or all of these groups as their needs and interests dictate. All of the groups have the opportunity to meet face-to- face at least once each year at the Annual NELLCO Symposium. Technology Between symposia NELLCO facilitates communication between and among members by using communication and collaboration technology solutions. Web-based meeting software Webex is available to members to support their online meeting and learning needs. NELLCOs website supports social media functionality and integrates with Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Youtube and most other social networks to make sign on and updates simple. Members can also use the NELLCO website interface to chat in real time email or message members or groups and participate in blogs or forums. Communication leads to community and only through community can collaboration happen. Communicate Value NELLCO establishes strong partnerships with a variety of legal information vendors and publishers. We convey the value of working through a consortium to save time and money. The list to the right shows just a few of our industry partners. Collaboration requires communication. 4