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6 1983 1985 1987 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 1983 15 law library directors in the New England region incorporate in MA as the New England Law Library Consortium Inc. goal was to address rising costs through resource sharing and collaboration 1983 Harvard Law Library Reference Librarian Joan Duckett appointed as founding part-time Executive Director in Cambridge MA 1985 Martha Berglund Crane assumes part-time Executive Director role evolves into full-time 1987 NELLCO members embark on CD-ROM Union Catalog Project 1988 NELLCO receives IRS determination 501c3 tax exempt status granted 1988 NELLCO receives U.S. Department of Education grant funding for CD-ROM Union Catalog Project 1990 NELLCO Union Catalog on CD-ROM is offered for sale 1995 Diane Klaiber hired as full-time Executive Director 1997 Connecticut State Library joins NELLCO 1997 Resource Sharing Database Project launched 1999 Distinguished libraries join NELLCO Fordham NYU Columbia Cornell and U Penn 1999 NELLCO Resource Sharing Database wins AALL Excellence in Marketing Award Best Use of Technology 2001 Tracy L. Thompson appointed to Executive Director position as Diane Klaiber retires NELLCO moves to New Haven CT N E L L C O T h en t o N o w